Registration data, thread data, and traffic optimization

Quick implementation, scalable, and cost-effective deployment
Forget long and expensive deployments. Viewtinet products provide all the different elements to benefit from intelligent analytics, observability, and network control. Deployments can be physical with Viewtinet appliances or virtual in a public or private cloud. In fact, no third-party licenses are required. The database is part of the Viewtisight product, and the integration of all data sources is included in Viewtilog. Overall, you get connection data, log data, and traffic optimization, all in one.

Viewtinet was developed using the latest state-of-the-art technology. It is compatible with all public cloud providers. It can also be deployed in an internal cloud with VM-Ware and others. It supports high availability configuration at all layers. Viewtinet also provides optimized appliances to run the solution, which are flexible to adapt to your company’s needs in terms of performance and storage.

Take advantage of all the resources with VN-SAC

(Intelligent analysis and control)
Viewtinet has all-in-one appliances that include all product licenses. These devices can monitor and optimize network traffic while providing log data observability and network monitoring. This approach is unique in its kind and allows medium-sized companies to have QoS, observability, network monitoring, and traffic analysis with a significantly lower TCO.

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